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Greetings All,

Work continues on building this site, with the latest addition being a commenting system from Disqus. While I appreciate the simplicity of Squarespace's native comment engine, in some ways, it is too simple, and I want a little more functionality to support lively and thoughtful discussion on this site. Hopefully, Disqus can provide this, at the expense of appearing somewhat garish at the bottom of each blog post. Oh well, sacrifices are necessary, and for now, that also includes the eight comments which have been made on this blog thus far. May they forever rest in peace.

One of the obvious things that you will see at the bottom of each blog post is a banner declaring the Eibenspace comment policy. For now, it's pretty simple: Don't be a dick. Nobody wins arguments with insults and vitriol, and while shouting these things makes one feel good at the moment, they are known to be counterproductive if one's goal is to change another person's mind. So don't do it—you are merely shooting yourself in the foot.

Dr. Phil Plait, The Bad Astronomer, explained this quite nicely at a conference in 2010, and it is worth taking thirty minutes to watch that video, even if one does not consider oneself a dick.

In any case, I reserve the right to moderate as I see fit, but frankly, I am not worried. My readers are the smartest and most genteel folks on the Internet.

In other news, I plan on adding an "ask" page to the navigation bar, which will link to a form where visitors can leave questions for me to answer. I cannot guarantee that I will get to all of them, or that I will even know how to answer any of them, but I will do my best. I love taking people's questions, and I see this as a good way to provide content that folks want to see.

Look forward to that coming soon as well as other ways to provide feedback, and let me know what you think of the comments.

Thanks, and keep on exploring!