Website Update: 07/18/17

Image from  Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia


Greetings, All!

I just made a couple of changes to the website which should vastly improve its functionality and user experience.

The first is a "return to top" link which appears at the bottom of each blog post. When clicked or tapped, it sends you up to the top of whatever page you are viewing. If you are viewing an individual blog post, it sends you to the top of that page. If you are in the blog stream, you go to the beginning of the whole thing. My goal here is to provide quick access to the navigation bar. Ideally, I would have a floating nav bar that that hangs out at the top of your screen as you scroll down the line, but until I find the code which brings that to fruition, I think an "RTT" button at the bottom is a good solution. In fact, even if I implement a floating nav bar, I will probably keep it! Let me know what you all think in the comments below.

The second change is a Facebook "share" button which will appear at the bottom of each blog post. I am really excited about this one, as I believe that sharing through social media is the single best way for me to build readership early on. As many of you have already discovered, Squarespace has built-in share buttons for most social media platforms, but the native Facebook button "likes" the article, instead of "sharing" it. Likes are great, but they do not appear on the liker's personal Facebook page where their friends can react, comment, and share themselves. That's the kind of functionality we need if we want any of this content to go viral! Fortunately, the new option does just that.

So, SMASH that share button if you enjoy these posts and want to see them spread around the globe! Only together can we explore the Cosmos and teach others what we have learned.

If you have any suggestions for website improvements or anything else you would like to see, please let me know! I am open to all ideas, and I look forward to your feedback.