Learning the Ropes

Image from  Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia


Well, it has been a day. Much of which was spent learning the ins-and-outs of Squarespace, the service with which I am building this website. So far, I am impressed, and I foresee making many pages with them in the future. I look forward to seeing how this work changes over time as I gain knowledge, skills, and experience, and I am excited to see what feedback suggestions you have to offer.

In fact, there just so happens to be something with which you can help right now!

Given my limited finances, I need this project to become self-sustaining, and the most basic way to fund it that I can imagine is through the solicitation of donations. Thus, I have created a support page, where I envision sharing all of the various things that need funding (such as a new Mathematica license, since mine expired at the end of June...) and lavishing heaps of praise upon those of you who make this work possible.

But right now, I am not asking for money. Instead, I need help testing the donation mechanism itself! So, if you have a moment, please click the support link above to see what you can do.