March 28/9th, 2019

StrongLifts B

Squat: 2 @ 330 lbs.; 3×5 @ 305 lbs.*
Overhead Press: 0 @ 132.5 lbs.; 5/5/5/4 @ 117.5 lbs.**
Deadlift: 1×5 @ 320 lbs.

Body Weight: 200 lbs.

*I only got two reps on the first squat set. Since I need at least three reps to continue, it's time to drop back down to the last weight where I failed to get five reps and get five reps. That weight was 305 lbs., and I managed to bust out 3×5. 5×5 would have been better, but it's still an improvement.

**Well, shit. I started feeling lightheaded before completing the first rep at 132.5 lbs. Not wanting to repeat the event of March 14th where I passed out with the weight over my head, I decided to re-rack the weight before completing the rep. Then I passed out. And I hit my head on the floor. And I gave myself a concussion. Goddamnit.

I was a bit dazed while I tried to figure out what happened and why I was suddenly on the floor. Then I sat up and began to feel nauseous, which is why I eventually got up and sat myself down in front of a garbage can. I messaged my parents, who then immediately called, and I spoke to them for some time before I finally felt well enough to drive myself home, where I messaged my doctor and spent the rest of the day on the couch.

The doctor says the reason I might be passing out is due to some kind of reflex syncope. These things are generally harmless--unless of course, you injure yourself during the fall. In any case, it's really annoying. The doctor recommends that I not lift alone, and he is right. But alas, lifting the damn weight is hard enough. I wish everything surrounding the activity could just be easy.

Anyway, against my better judgment, I went back to the gym to finish my lifts the next day. I probably shouldn't have, but I'm stubborn. I also de-loaded the press in the same manner as my squats above.