April 13th, 2019

StrongLifts A

Squat: 5×3 @ 315 lbs.*
Bench Press: 3×3 @ 175 lbs.**
Barbell Row: 5×5 @ 217.5 lbs.
Weighted Dips: 3×5 @ BW + 5 lbs.***

Body Weight: 200 lbs.

*I have an idea. Instead of just holding steady on my heavy squats, I am going to try to increase my tonnage by doing more reps and sets at 315 lbs until I can do 5×5, which I've never done before at that weight. So, since I did 3×3 last time, this time I went for 5×3. Next time, I'll shoot for 3×5, and so on. Perhaps I will start increasing the light squat intensity, too. We shall see.

**Shoulder still hurts. It hurt too much to get three reps at 182.5 lbs, so I racked it after two. Then I switched to 175 lbs for 3×3. That, I could do. So, I think I'll try the same thing I'm doing with my squats: go for 5×3 next time, then 3×5, etc. until I reach 5×5, which I've never done at 175 lbs. Hopefully, that will make me stronger and give my shoulder time to recover.

***I felt really bad after my first dip--lightheaded that is, so much so, that I had to pause and reset before continuing. Then I finished the first set without trouble. Then my mom called, and I rested too long, and I went through the exact same thing on the second set. The third set was fine.