April 18th, 2019

StrongLifts A

Squats: 5×3 @ 315 lbs.*
Bench Press: 5×3 @ 175 lbs.**
Barbell Row: 5×5 @ 220 lbs.***
Weighted Dips: 3×5 @ BW + 7.5 lbs.

Body Weight: 195.4 lbs.

*Since I squatted 5×3 @ 315 lbs. the time before last, I was shooting for 3×5. But alas, I failed on the fourth squat of my first set. And by failed, it's probably more accurate to say that I just gave up, looking at the video. Of course, I had a reason to do so. Recently, I've been losing belly fat, and my waist has been getting smaller. Consequently, I've been able to cinch my squat belt a little tighter. This time, I was able to go in one extra hole at the expense of irritating my large intestine (I have ulcerative colitis and seem to be in a flare-up), and well, squatting with an inflamed colon can be a bit unnerving.

**My right shoulder still hurts! Benching with it is tougher than it should be. I think I might have to forgo chinups, which caused this in the first place, until it clears up, for I'll be damned if I let an accessory lift interfere with one of the main lifts--even though I really want to do chinups... Maybe I'll just do them at body weight (as though the extra 2.5 lbs. actually matters.) On the plus side, I made 5×3, which is an improvement from the 3×3 I did last time. Hopefully next time, my shoulder will be well enough that I can push for 3×5.

***Apparently, I didn't press record on my fourth set--at least, until after I finished the set. Oh well...